Number 1

Going out to death valley can be pretty fun and scary at the same time. This desert can be very dangerous if not taken with experience. After we had been to the Sonoran many times and discovered nearly everything we could with our paranormal investigations. We decided we wanted to crank it up and go to a bigger challenge. Death valley for sure gave us the challenge we were looking for.

After a single day in the valley I wanted to leave. The incredable heat and chilly nights had my body all out of normal functions.  After day two my partner had passed out because of the heat and I had to end up carrying him over 300 yards to the car. As of today I do not plan to return to death valley.

Number 2

This one is actually quite funny. The entire crew had a meeting to discuss business and future investigations. As we were all sitting in my home a phone rang. One of our previous partners who had left the paranormal game and went on to build a business selling trendy clothing. He had stated that there is a ton of movement going on in the sonoran right now and we should move now or we could miss history in the making.

As we all piled into my car I attempted to open my garage door when suddenly “SNAP!”.  A loud bang and I turned around to look at the door. The garage door spring was waving back and forth like crazy. It had obviously broke and wouldn’t you know it fell and shattered the back glass of my Audi. There was glass everywhere and driving it was no longer an option.

Number 3

I guess the last one would have to be a tie between a few. There is absolutely nothing worse than going on a hunt and not seeing any activity at all. So this is a tie between many investigations that led no where. Although I always know this is a possibility, its always worth it to keep going because the ghost hunts with activity are worth it in the end.

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