Where our desert paranormal investigations started at.

After years of searching in many different types of environments and we had decided to change it up back in 2007. We decided to head out to Arizona where the Sonoran desert was located. We figured with nearly nothing out there we could be able to pick up movement and activity from the paranormal beings from a further distance and see more in a shorter period of time.

At the time we had a much larger group and many of them said that we were crazy and we wouldn’t find anything. Two days in the Sonoran and I was starting to think the same way. We were getting close to giving up with no signs of any movement for two whole day. We had searched over 30 miles of area and found many things we figured would have some sort of activity. From abandon buildings, campgrounds, and even a couple trailers.

With no luck we packed up everything and started our very last surveillance. I turned on my EMF detector and had a very good feeling about this one. As soon as I turned it on the arrow shot to the top of the meter instantly. I have never seen anything like it in my entire career. I thought it could be a mistake so I asked another investigator who happened to be with me at the time to turn his EMF on and he did. Literally the same exact results.

We both ran and grabbed all of equipment out of the truck to set it up. Cameras, voice recorders, still cameras, you name it we grabbed it all. It had to have been the fastest either one of us have ever moved on an investigation. By the time we had set it all up the EMF’s had stopped and nothing more happened. We wanted to stay for another night but we only had enough water and supplies for two days.

This was just the start of our mission. Check out all the other deserts we’ve investigated here.