Through the years I have owned many different types of dogs. My dog ownership started when I was in my early teens as I was owning hunting dogs. I didn’t care for my dogs the way I care for them now. Coon dogs where fun to hunt with but, many did not know to loving bond that can be built between a dog and its owner. From my experience it is much more rewarding to have a dog with a bond than a dog that helps you shoot wild game.

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Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love hunting but I still believe that some people fail to find relationships with dogs because there are worried more on the value of the dog by money and not by the benefits you receive from owning a dog. I have transformed from my previous ways of dog ownership and started a new trend for myself. I have begun to appreciate my dogs for what they are.

The first dog that I can remember having was when I was very young. Growing up we had a female Labrador named baby. She was a black lab and she wasn’t even a pure blood. She was incredibly smart. We didn’t get her as a puppy she was about 2 years old whenever we got her. She knew nearly every trick there was to know. She sit, stay, lay-down, shake paw, roll over, beg, you name the trick she could perform it. We had her from when I was 2 years old until I turned 7.

Baby had a large impact on my life as a child. I began my relationship with dogs as a positive loving relationship and not a trade game. However, through the year’s things change. After baby my mother became obsessed with collecting small dogs. Lap dogs was all the house seen for the next 5 years. Once I was about 12 my brother got another black lab named bell. She was a good dog that came to us just 8 weeks old.

I loved bell as well but she grew to be two years old before my brother decided he could no longer take care of her. After that my uncle started to come around more often. My mother’s half-brother Randy is a great guy but he’s also a true redneck with a hard side to him. Like giving my brother and I both squirrel hunting dogs and myself a pair of coon hunting dogs. Just because he had extra ones. For my brother we never could figure out how to get the dogs to hunt a squirrel.

I began my relationship with coon dogs however. Coon hunting was easy and fun. The dogs would do all the work and you could just simply chill while you waited to hear them bark. The dogs had a great time but however at the end of the night they would still go into the cage rather than sit in the passenger seat of my truck.

Now that I have a daughter and have felt the unconditional love that is given back from her I appreciate the love I receive from her new puppy. He’s a boy and is only 4 months old. I don’t have any more hunting dogs though I have had and traded many I do have the knowledge to know the value of building a relationship with the pups.